Duncan MacMillan High

Staff Directory

Communication between home and school is extremely important. Calls and emails sent to staff members will be returned within two business days.


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Reynolds, R. Principal 902-885-2777 ext. 7651001 rreynolds@hrce.ca
Levy, D. Administrative Assistant 902-885-2777 ext. 7651000 dlevy@hrce.ca
Smith, T. Vice-Principal 902-885-2777 ext. 7651002 tsmith@hrsb.ca
Walsh, T. Guidance Counsellor/Registrar 902-885-2777 ext. 7651003 twalsh@hrce.ca Website

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Baker, B. Learning Centre ext. 7651212 BBaker@hrce.ca Website
Boutilier, E. Learning Centre/Reading Recovery ext. 7651212 EBoutilier@hrce.ca Website
Cumminger, J. CITEDU9/ACS11/EDM11O2/GGS12 ext. 7651228 JCumminger@hrce.ca Website
Day, R. Elem /Jr & Sr. Physical Education ext. 7651109 RDay@hrce.ca Website
Gaudet, A. Music/Band & Gr. 7-9 HLIV ext. 7651101 Andre.Gaudet@hrce.ca Website
Glawson, C. EXT1O2/SCI10/TECHED7 ext. 7651104 CGlawson@hrce.ca Website
Glawson, K. Grade 5/6 ext. 7651145 kglawson@hrce.ca Website
Hawes, A. Grade 2 ext. 7651141 ahawes@hrce.ca Website
Henley, K O2/COOP ext. 7651233 KHenley@hrce.ca Website
Jerrott, I. Grade 4 ext. 7651134 Ian.Jerrott@hrce.ca
Landry, J. JR CORE FRENCH/ARTDRA10/FRE10-12-IN/VISART8 ext. 7651232 jacquelyn.landry@hrce.ca Website
Leslie, S. Grade P-8 Resource ext. 7651120 sleslie@hrce.ca Website
MacAulay, A. MT10 & 12/MTHE11/OCN11/HLIV9 ext. 7651229 amacaulay@hrce.ca Website
Mannette, J. Jr. ENG/FST8 ext. 7651214 Jessica.Jacquard@hrce.ca Website
Nebucette, L. Grade 1 ext. 7651132 ANebucett@hrce.ca Website
Nemalikanti, D. CD10O2/ENG12/WRKHS11O2 ext. 7651231 David.Nemalikanti@hrce.ca
Power, L. Grade 6 Intensive French Teacher ext. 7651202 lana-marie.power@hrce.ca Website
Prest, C. Gr. 7-8 Math/Social Studies/Gr. 8 VisArts ext. 7651200 CPrest@hrce.ca Website
Rutledge, M. Grade Primary ext. 7651139 mary.rutledge@hrce.ca Website
Smith, A. Resource/Curriculum Leader ext. 7651133 Amanda.Smith@hrce.ca Website
Stephenson, H. CHE11/MTHE11/MTW11/PHY11 ext. 7651230 HStephenson@hrce.ca Website
TBA, TBA Jr. High Science/Sr. High Math
Waite, W. Jr/Sr. High Art ext. 7651206 Alexander.Waite@hrce.ca
Whyte, J. Grade 3 ext. 7651143 WhyteJ@hrce.ca Website
Wilson, D. Jr. High Math ext. 7651211 Doug.Wilson@hrce.ca Website
Wolters, E Gr. 4-6 Core French/ Gr. 4&6 Phys Ed./Jr. Support 9028852777 ewolters@hrce.ca
Yon, A. Jr. High Integrated French ext. 7651203 Alice.Yon@hrce.ca Website

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Asprey, J. 50 % EPA 902-885-2777 June.Asprey@hrce.ca
Bartlett, R. IWK Clinician 902-885-2777 Robert.Bartlett@iwk.nshealth.ca
Boutilier, A. 80% EPA 902-885-2777 ABoutilier@hrce.ca
Boutilier, D. 100% EPA 902-885-2777 donna.boutilier@hrce.ca
Boutilier, L. Custodian ext. 7651118 BoutilierL@hrce.ca
Boutilier, S. Custodian ext. 7651118 SBoutilier@hrce.ca
Gillis, J. Librarian Support - 50% ext. 7651207 Julie.Gillis@hrce.ca Website
Graham, J. Librarian Support - 50% ext. 7651207 judith.graham@hrce.ca Website
Hicklenton, K. Schools Plus Assistant Leader 902-399-8321 khicklenton@hrce.ca
Higgins, M. SLD Teacher 902-885-2777 Higginsm@hrce.ca
Hilchie, T. 80% EPA 902-885-2777 Tracey.Hilchie@hrce.ca
Lloyd, J. 80% EPA 902-885-2777 joanne.lloyd@hrce.ca
Logan, W. 80% EPA 902-885-2777 Wendy.Logan@hrce.ca
Lowe, J. 80% EPA 902-885-2777 JLowe@hrce.ca
Mullen, M. Mi'Kmaq/Indigenous Student Support Worker ext. 7651225 Marsha.Mullen@hrce.ca Website
Murphy, R. Schools Plus Community Outreach Worker 902-497-2714 rmurphy@hrce.ca
O'Hearn, K. School Social Worker 902-476-6310 kayla.ohearn@hrce.ca
Parnell, K. 100% EPA 902-885-2777 kimberly.parnell@hrce.ca
Preston, M. Speech-Language Pathologist 902-885-2777 MPreston@hrce.ca
Rasmussen, D. Youth Health Coordinator ext. 7651106 Darlene.rasmussen@nshealth.ca Website
Rasmussen, F. Caretaker ext. 7651118 SRasmussen@hrce.ca
Taylor, M. Psychologist 902-885-2777